Posted by: Onion | September 24, 2012

Yuru Yuri ♪♪ – Episode 11

If this episode doesn’t make you tear up, then you’re not a true fan.

Alright, people. Here’s episode 11. I have a few tings to say. First, this episode was unimaginably amazing.

Second, sorry for the lateness. Again, I’ll take the blame personally.

Third, There is an insert song in this episode. We didn’t include it in this release, but Amarin has already translated the whole thing and he’s currently working on the karaoke. It will be included in the batch.

Fourth, episode 12 is already very close to being released.

Fifth, the batch will be released after episode 12. DEFINITELY. And everything will be upgraded. Note that the batch will be completely soft-subbed, so if you want our original hardsubbed karaoke/typesetting versions, go on and grab them now.


MKV (10-bit): Torrent | DDL

MKV (8-bit): Torrent



  1. Thank you for all yuru yuri releases guys =D

  2. Still waiting for the DDLs from episode 9…. 🙂 Thanks for the hard work!

    • Tomorrow! 😀
      I have no idea how I fell so behind with this.

  3. If anyone wants a little look at what I have planned for the batch, here~

  4. Is it just me or does the torrent (10-bit for me) have a lot less seeders than usual? I’m afraid it’s because many people got the episode from somewhere else by now. Anyway, could anyone help seeding, please?

    • The download count on this episode’s nyaa page is pretty high, surprisingly. Might just be me after all then. Never mind.

      • I’ll start seeding as soon as I get home tonight — at which time I will also be uploading the ddls. Sorry for the wait.

      • Thanks. It finished. I’m going to keep seeding, just in case someone else has the same problem. And you were right: This episode was amazing and I really did tear up. Definitely worth the wait.

        also: typo at 19:40, “Do you best”

      • Noted!~

        That’ll be updated for the batch.

  5. Best akari episode ! Thanks !

  6. Hi bro, I would like to ask you where si my last YY ♪♪?

    • A great question. As soon as I know, I’ll tell you. The translation and encoding is done. Our editor is just a little swamped with school work.

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