Posted by: Genichiro | August 27, 2012

Touhou Doujin Anime – A Summer Day’s Dream 02 (RAW)

So, I got my hands on a DVD copy of this, and decided to make my own raw for it. This isn’t some crappy 1080p upscale you can find in abundance floating around on YouTube, it’s at the same resolution as the source, 10-bit, and with FLAC audio for extra seasoning. As I stated, this is a raw, it’s not subbed. If anyone wants to help me sub it (no YouTube sub rippers, please), that would be awesome, since I would love to do my own version of this, but our main TL is tied up with doing Yuru Yuri right now. Any help would be appreciated. I wanted to share the raw I made, if nothing else, so please enjoy. If anyone out there uses this raw, please give the proper credit. I obviously didn’t hard sub any group identifying information in there. Enjoy!



  1. I’ll do editing and QC for this if we get a TL. I can also do k-timing and effects if need be (I do have a thing about getting the absolute correct lyrics for the songs if available though).

    • That’ll help. It’s all about getting a TL, though. Can’t do a thing without someone to do the translation. XD

  2. The second one doesn’t have English subs in? I watched the first one raw from the iso so I don’t know whether it was Engrish or not though.

    I’m pretty bored right now so I think I’ll try to translate the thing tomorrow. If no one comes up then I’ll send you the script.

    • Yeah, the DVD version I had didn’t have any subtitles. I would be very happy to get a translated script! Bonus points if you can TL the OP/ED. I haven’t seen that yet in any subbed version floating around on YouTube. That’s a big part of why I wanted to do a Tonde release of it. :3

      • I can translate the OP/ED when the singles come out and I’ll have the actual lyrics. Sometimes it’s hard to understand what the author was trying to say even if you have them. :p

        Anyway, here. You’re free to use this.

      • Dude, I will love you forever! Thanks! :3

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