Posted by: Onion | August 11, 2012

Yuru Yuri ♪♪ – Episode 06

What we feel like after translating an episode of Yuru Yuri

Holy crap! This is pretty late. Two days late, to be exact. This episode, like season one’s Comuket episode, took me longer than normal to translate. We should be back to normal speed for episode 7. Until then, enjoy your Mirakurun.


MKV (10-bit): Torrent | DDL

MKV (8-bit): Torrent


As always, feel free to point out anything we may have missed. No, seriously. I just found a line in episode 4 that completely covers some typesetting. Surely, people noticed that? If you want it fixed, make sure you tell us. We can’t catch everything, although we sure as heck try. ;D


  1. You should strive to catch everything, though. Everything that’s worth catching, that is.

    • We do strive to catch everything, because we’re very proud of our releases. I’m just saying we’re bound to miss some things.

      • Of course. No one’s perfect.

  2. Typo at 09:51, “thaht”.

    And what’s up with that “Editing Amarin” overlay over “Editing Atvrcr” during the Mirakurun intro? I guess it’s deliberate, but it looks weird and I can’t make sense of it.

    • Well, atvrcr was originally going to do the editing, so I encoded with his name on there. Unfortunately, he was unable to do the editing and I didn’t want to re-encode for this one thing, so I opted to just overlay Amarin on there since he volunteered to edit. And thanks for pointing out that typo!~

  3. please seed 8bit version

    • Yep yep~

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