Posted by: Onion | August 2, 2012

Yuru Yuri ♪♪ – Episode 05


This was definitely an Akari episode, and the main character has never been so cute! This episode is a little late because there was a crap-load of typesetting, but I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. Here’s your weekly Yuru fix!~


MKV (10-bit): Torrent | DDL

MKV (8-bit): Torrent


As always, feel free to point out anything we may have missed.


  1. here:

  2. LeonHo, it’s like you’re really stealing my old role in Tonde. I did this just about every single week. ;_;

    • Almost… If I were to actually watch it, I would bitch about a lot of other things, which is something I refrain from doing since I notice quite a few bleeds just from skimming through the video.

      • Thank you for the positive motivation!~ 😀

  3. Doki < Tondemonai

    • Yuru Power +18,000!!!!!!

  4. I don’t really mind minor grammar/spelling mistakes (hell, I don’t notice them) as long as I get what the sentence means.

    I don’t mind delays either, so take your time guys. ❤

  5. please seed the 8bit

    • 530 downloads and no seeds… I’ll go seed for a while longer.

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