Posted by: Onion | December 29, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 12 END


Hooray! Tondemonai Fansubs has now completed it’s 3rd series. Firstly, I just want to say that this episode of Yuru Yuri was funnier than all of the other episodes combined. Secondly, I want to thank everyone who worked on Yuru Yuri for all of their hard work. Thirdly, the Blu-Ray Extras are up next.

Here is your download:


MKV: Torrent | DDL


One last thing. Now that the series is completed, we need to start talking about a batch of some sort. I want to take a quick poll to see where we stand.

Now, I’m not promising more than one type of batch, nor am I promising the batch which gets the most votes; I’d just like to know what you’d prefer most.

And don’t forget to leave some sort of comment for us.


  1. Many thnks to finish this awesome anime…
    Now, it would be good if you do Lote BD (and YY in BD too)… 🙂

    • I regards to the Lotte BD, Genichiro is finishing them off when he has the time to do so.

    • I haven’t been able to do much lately. I was forced to move last month, then I’ve had to work without a day off for the past couple of weeks, and won’t see another day off until the end of next week, so I haven’t had too much time to get stuff done lately. I will take a shot at getting stuff done when things finally start to calm down, though. :3

  2. gratz on your third show~ xD

  3. Cool, now I can completely replace Coalgirls’ release.

    21:03 – Kyouko should be capitalized.

    If you’re releasing a Blu-Ray batch, will it still be encoded to around the same sizes as now? And, will you release patches for the subtitle fixes to the TV versions?

    • Using my limited knowledge about encoding, i shall attempt to answer these questions. First, the bluray 1080 files will most definitely not be the same size as the current ones. Second, no patches. It’ll be a brand new 720p scaled from the bluray raws(i think). If you know how to make a patch and can teach me, i’ll would consider it.

      • Basically you mux a new mkv with the corrected subs and then run “xdelta.exe ep10.mkv ep10v2.mkv v1to2.patch”. Easier to host a small patchfile than a whole new mkv. You can get xdelta here: I don’t need 1080p Blu-Ray quality for this show, and appreciate your small encodings (and that’s without even resorting to Hi10p.)

      • Alright then so I’ll try to do this. Patches for the tv 720p versions and then 1080p bluray versions.

      • Hi, if you are still interested in make patch file, and you havent clue how to make patch via command line, so i make simple graphical interface for you. Here is link:

      • Wow! Thank you. I’ll definitely use this.

  4. 720p BDs makes me RAAAGEEE

    • Why?

  5. I know the reason people need 1080p so I won’t argue, but my laptop’s screen is 720p so I went with the easier choice.. :p

    Thanks Tonde for finishing my favorite anime with your awesome subs! Didn’t notice mistakes in the subs other than the one Rangi mentioned but there are couple of typos in your posts. XD

    Looking forward to what you guys subbing next ❤

  6. Well I mean we can watch 720p for normal releases and 1080p/BD are meant for people with higher end specs…

  7. Whatever works better and easier for you guys, really. It’s just that I lost some of the old releases and when I tried to get them again there were no seeders.

    Changing my vote, lets make it 1080p then. 😛

  8. I’ll be grabbing the 1080p for sure when (if) it comes out. Oh and where’s my ddl Onion >.<

    • Ddl coming right up.

  9. 9:10 – honorific left out
    11:33 – isn’t it “Yakumo”?
    14:44 – “Where are you looking?”
    18:17 – Akari-chan.
    21:01 – Toshino kyouko!? (apparently Rangi brought this up earlier)

    Also, in the ED:
    “Mousou chu”
    Isn’t that “chuu”, as in the kun-yomi for 中? It’s the only long vowel in that line that isn’t shown.

    Anyway, congratulations on finishing yryr, I look forward to working with you on Kill Me Baby!

    • Gotcha. They’ll all be fixed for the batch. And this is how I’ll be releasing the batch: I’ll handle the 720p versions. The 720s will be updated completely and should be 99.7% flawless. I’ll upload all the new encodes and such as a batch torrent. I’ll also release patches, but be warned that the patches will only address fixes in the subtitles and won’t update errors in the typesetting or the op+ed karaoke. If you’re ok with that, then feel free to just grab the patches. 1080p is out of my league. I’ll have to ask Genichiro for his opinion on the matter. Either he’ll handle the Blurays when he has time, or maybe he can teach me a thing or two.

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