Posted by: Onion | December 18, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 10

Ayano ❤


Here’s Yuru Yuri 10, people. The other good news is that Yuru Yuri 11 is nearly complete too. I just need to edit and then encode. So, probably two more days. The bad news is that because of finals, I was unable to get Yuru Yuri 12 translated this past Tuesday. So what I’ll do is have it done this coming Tuesday. We should have Yuru Yuri done before Christmas. So fr now, enjoy episode 10, and I’ll keep you updated through our twitter.


MKV: Torrent | DDL



Finally, as always, point anything out at all to us and it’ll be fixed for the batch release. Which is coming up, I might add.


  1. Good jod.

    • We thank you

  2. 17:09 – the sentence ended in “janai desu ka”, I should’ve made it, “Come on, aren’t we still growing?” Ah well. I’m surprised I didn’t find that during my initial editing. But that’s what the batch is for.

  3. 19:09: “it’s” should be “its”.

    Will you be doing the Blu-Rays too? I heard there are extra scenes in them.

    • Of course 😀
      I just dont know if I’ll actually be releasing in 1080p

      • Oh yes, you will be. Even if it involves me lending my processing power.

      • Please have a 720p alternative if you do.

      • T___T Right then… I’m going to have to pass the encoding job to someone else on the team with higher specs.

    • I’ve been DLing the BD raws, so I’ll have them available. Whether or not I do a 720p alternative depends on if there is enough extra content to warrant doing so; if it’s the same, then it would be a waste of time to work on.

  4. Many thanks for the episode, it was hilarious 😀
    And it’s great to hear that you are doing the Blu-rays too.^^

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