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Yuru Yuri – 09, Plans for Winter 2012, and Our Official Mascot!

Alrighty! As I said, we’ve got a lot of stuff to say in this post, so let’s get right down to business.

I spent a fair amount of time yesterday re-organizing the blog and combining sections to save space and make things look cleaner. I also added a few new pages of stuff and updated all of our contact information, staff information, and our About page.

Now, to the good stuffs!


Yuru Yuri – 09

Here you go, all you waiting fans. I know I said I’d have one episode translated a week, and I’m still sticking with that! It’s just that it takes time to get an episode out, what with all the encoding, editing, and distro to be done. I had planned to release this yesterday, but I just felt unsatisfied, so I waited until I had some free time to do a final look-over. This is a funny episode and it has some ‘fan service’ too!


MKV: Torrent | DDL


As always, feel free to point out any mistakes, happy thoughts, or randomness in the comments section!


Plans for Winter 2012

Kill Me Baby! Yes! The manga is hilarious! And not just because of the awesome jokes. The little special things in the chapters make me crack up too. Check out the frikin crazy pv over here.

So yeah, we are most definitely expressing interest in subbing Kill Me Baby. As of now, I’d be translating, Atvrcr would be the editor,and I’d be encoding. The encoding job is on the fence though, because I don’t know what Genichiro’s situation will be like.

We’re also going to be aiming for quality releases 2-3 days after the air date. We want to break the mold of weeks-month xD

I want to get everyone’s opinion of this, so let’s have a poll!


Our Official Mascot!

Everyone, meet Mitsuki! Mitsuki is our official mascot now. After months of deliberation, it has finally become a reality.  I plan to do big things with her. At the very least, I hope that when people think of us, they’ll think of Mitsuki, and vice versa.

Mitsuki has her own page here on this blog, and I also keep a blog with her as a theme over here.

I’ll keep her up to date. More information of her as well as pictures of her will be displayed on either site as they are made. Yes, this also pertains to fan art! In fact, fan art is encouraged and we look forward to seeing any kind of Mitsuki fan art! To submit fan art to us, post it in a comment somewhere, e-mail it to us at, or shoot me a link on my deviant art profile.


And so, that’s the end of our epic post. Any comments, questions, concerns? Shoot us a comment and we shall respond! Thanks for choosing Tonde!


  1. Thnks. I hope that YY10 will be early out. Your subs are excellent.

    • I’ll have the translation of 10 done today and Atvrcr plans to do the editing tomorrow I think.

      • Going to download and watch when I get home.

        Also, if you’re going to sub Kill Me Baby, see if you can keep up with all the other groups. You have the quality, and I think if you can stay up to speed, Winter 2011 will be the season where your viewership will go through the roof. Good luck to you.

      • When I sub, I try and make it exclusively because I want to sub the show. If people choose us, that’s an extra bonus. But of course, we don’t want to take a week to release, so we’ll definitely be working harder than ever before on Kill Me Baby.

      • 6:53 – “Kyouko’s always been like this.”
        Yui never actually says Kyouko’s name in the sentence.

        Another instance of that is at 15:27.5, with Matsumoto.

        Nothing major to point out, very good release as usual. Looking forward to episode 10.

        Also, it would seem that a recent update in SMPlayer finally allows me to view your releases with it. Up until now, I’ve used Totem Movie Player (seems to be an obscure Linux player that handles h264 softsubbed MKVs like a boss, save a few font issues for some shows). I never knew what it was about SMPlayer that prevented me from watching your releases on it. But now it’s resolved.

        And before I forget, good luck with next season.

      • Thanks for your help, as always.
        This episode was actually really hard for me, so I’m surprised that you didn’t find a whole bunch of errors.
        Episode 10 is fully translated. Just gotta wait for editing and encoring.
        Perhaps I’ll start releasing the blu-ray encodes. I don’t onow if I should do 1080 or 720 though… I’m not sure if my laptop can handle 1080.

      • You’re welcome. I’m no 8thSin though, so there’s a limit to what I can do. After this quarter (I’m currently in the last 3 weeks of the only Japanese class available at my college), I’m going to be doing some independent study. I want to become fluent enough to help you to the best of my ability.

        As for BD releases, I probably have the specs, and I’d let you use my computer for 1080p encodes, but I don’t know what to do. If it doesn’t take much to guide me through it, I’m willing to lend my processing power.

        -2.66 GHz Intel Core i5 750 (4 cores)
        -6 GB DDR3-1333 RAM
        -1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

        Will this do?

      • Haha. I don’t know much about encoding myself. Don’t worry though. Atvrcr has already offered to help with encodes if I need it, and his computer is super amazing.
        On the other hand, I didn’t actually know that you were studying japanese. We could always use help with tlc (or regular old tl perhaps, if you’re up for it) and stuff if maybe you’d like to join the group.

      • I’m still trying to figure out grammar and word order. Up until now, I’ve learned greetings, stuff for business and office work, and basic vocabulary (My book is Japanese for Busy People, if that says anything). So far, I’ve learned and practiced kanji by breaking down names and song/album titles, as well as picking up individual kanji from fansub karaoke (that’s why I like groups who include that stuff).

        I’d love to join you guys, but my ability is too limited to be of any use right now. The best I could do now is what I do already, except before you actually release it. I suppose I could go even further with it, as I progress in my studies, to the point that I can do actual TLC. However, I’m not sure how long that would take.

      • Well, why don’t you visit our forums and we’ll talk about some way to get you involved if you’re up for it.

        I never learned kanji. Whenever I’m faced with translating some kanji, I use a dictionary and radicals to figure out the answer. It is a painstaking process. Grammer and such I learned pretty much through some online tutorials and just by watching anime.

  2. Alright, you’re subbing Yuru Yuri again!

    01:18 – “What will I do I don’t have time to grow” isn’t grammatical.
    01:24 –
    15:42 – Laboratory is capitalized.
    21:52 – “You’re” should be “your.”
    Since you don’t use honorifics, it would make sense to localize “Yui Ojou-sama” into “Lady Yui” or “Miss Yui”.

    Also, the OP’s translation is weird in places. “What will I do I don’t have time to grow” isn’t grammatical, “sleeping beauty” doesn’t make sense, and I’m pretty sure “taberenai” is “can’t eat,” not “cant accept.” A different translation:

    Looking forward to Kill Me Baby next season!

    • I’ll look into all of these. But, uh, we DO use honorifics. So I’ll look into that. And thanks for pointing out that thing in the opening. I’ll get right on it.

      EDIT: Ok I checked them all out.
      What will I do I don’t have time to grow >> What will I do if I don’t have time to grow

      Laboratory >> laboratory

      You’re >> Your (This mistake embarrasses me, because I’m always critical about your and you’re. As well as the three there’s)

      As I said, we do use honorifics, but maybe you’re right. It would sound better if I just put Lady Yui, I think.

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