Posted by: Genichiro | November 11, 2011

Astarotte no Omocha! BD 02

Alright, here’s the next Lotte BD. I think I’m on a roll with these. Actually, I wanted to get this out two days ago, since I got off of work early Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but I was having trouble with accessing WordPress, for some odd reason. Not an issue now, though, so, meh. Anyway, rant over, here’s what you came here for. (And yes, I’m aware of the file size issue with MU; I’ll deal with it when I do my next release).
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents
DDL – Megaupload
DDL – IRC (Tonde|Rin)
MKV: /msg Tonde|Rin xdcc send #69
MP4: /msg Tonde|Rin xdcc send #70
Full list of Lotte releases


  1. There won’t be 720p?

    • No, there won’t. The original TV caps were 720p, there’s no point in releasing an additional 720p. If there was a significant amount of extra content in the BDs, I would consider it, but there isn’t anything to justify doing 720p encodes. Sorry

      • Ok thats fine with me. Just glad there’s still mp4 ^_^

  2. I lost the Chapter downloading again

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