Posted by: Genichiro | November 4, 2011

Astarotte no Omocha! BD 01

Alright boys and girls, time for some HD. I’ll be going through and releasing subs for the Astarotte no Omocha! Blu-rays. I should mention that a low spec machine will have trouble playing the releases, so if you experience a lot of stuttering during playback, that’s probably why. Anyway, enjoy the first of the Lotte BDs. More to come as I have the time to put them out. :3
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents

DDL – Megaupload
Full list of Lotte Releases


  1. Thnks bro…

  2. I can’t connect to any peers in the torrent for some reason. And I can’t use the DDLs because I don’t have a premium account for Megaupload and the files are >1GB. ;_;

    • Try using Nyaa if my tracker isn’t working. Since I don’t have a dedicated server to run the tracker on, it ends up having a lot of downtime.

      As for the MU thing, if anyone knows any reliable alternatives that would allow larger files, let me know. :3

      • I think WUpload has a 2GB free download limit but I don’t know.

      • I can take a look. I think I’ll just start splitting the files after the next release. It’ll help to keep everything together. Thanks for the help! :3

    • I think I would find link to download at animetosho, but file is very large and it isnt there.

      Otherwise here is link where are old encodes:

      Animetosho is service that download torrent and then downloaded video upload at megaupload, hotfile, etc.

      • I already put stuff on MU as it is. Really, the major issue is that the files are so large that normal users can’t DL them. I didn’t know about this until I went to check on the BD uploads. I can split the files, though. I don’t like having to do it that way, but it’s the most convenient way to go about it. The only other way to get a DDL is to log onto our IRC channel and get it off our distro bot (she’s slow, but if you can’t torrent, she’ll get you the episode you want).

  3. downloading the torrent

  4. Sir, i already have all the BDrips of Astarotte no Omocha in my pc, so would you be kindly enough to send me only the subtitles to my email address? Thanks in advance!

    • I’ve been working on finishing doing the BDs. Just ran into several real life problems. I’ve finished up to nine, just have to QC 7, 8, and 9. I’m busy next week. Hopefully within the next month I’ll have them all finished, as long as nothing else interferes in my life. Thanks for your interest, though.

  5. Ok, but can you send me at least the .ass of the first episode? Thanks! And i hope everything turns out better with your life.

    • If you want them, you could always rip it out of the mkv by loading the subs in Aegisub and saving them as a .ass file. Takes five seconds. XD

  6. That is impossible for me.. I can’t do that from a phone and i don’t have a computer. All i need is the subs please, send them to me.

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