Posted by: Genichiro | October 25, 2011

Astarotte no Omocha! OVA

I suppose it’s about time I released something, right? Now that I have some time off of work, I’d like to try and get a few releases out to you guys. Anyway, this is the first of the Lotte BD releases I’ll be working on. Since this is a stand alone episode, I did my usual three formats, but I will not be doing this for the rest of the BD releases. There is zero point in releasing any of the BDs in less than 1080p, as I we already have 720p and 480p releases, so there will only be a soft subbed and hard subbed version for the BD releases I do. Anyway, enough ranting from me. Enjoy your anime.
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents
Tondemonai Nyaatorrents

DDL – Megaupload
Full list of Lotte releases


  1. Many thnks!
    And where is my YY?

    • Your Yuru Yuri is currently in Las Vegas xD. Go visit Atvrcr’s Blog. But you can put equal amount of blame on me too. I just don’t have time. Professor Layton and the Last Spector is addicting.

    • sorry about the wait, I went on vacation so that led to some delays, but please rest assured that I am nearly done with editing

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