Posted by: Onion | October 18, 2011

Our mascots! Or… Our Mascots in their first 4koma!

Link to full size
So, here we are. These are going to be our mascots. Basically they’re just anime versions of the staff of Tonde Subs. All of the characters were designed by atvrcr with a little help and tweaking from me. I did the art for this first 4koma. Freaking Manga Studio was giving me many many problems so I eventually just gave up trying to use tones and I just shaded with my pencil. Eventually I’ll get some more pics of the mascots and give some details about hem. But for now, you’ll all have to work with this.

UPDATE: Alright, Genichiro likes it, but im having second thoughts. I don’t know if we should actualpy make these girls our mascots, or if we should use the original mascot as our mascot and just keep the 4koma going for the heck of it.

By the way, Yuru Yuri 8 will be out in no time.


  1. Onion looks like Hakase!

    • Mixed with maybe uh… Run from A-Channel. That forehead. Also, I think the character’s name is Mitsuki or something.

      • Youre half right. Mitsuki and her awesome forehead was our originally intended mascot, but we figured it would be more fun to create 3 mascots, 1 based off of each person in the group. As of now theyre named after us, but maybe we will give them cute names in the future.

      • I sure hope you come up with some cute names for them if/when you decide to. I might be a bit too picky with it, but names can make or break a character for me. I’ve gotten disappointed by some characters deserving of a better name, though I can’t really think of any off the top of my head right now… it’s pretty late and I need sleep, though, so that’d be why… oh wait, most of the A-Channel girls fall victim to this (basically all of the main ones except for Nagi. Your character’s forehead reminded me. Mitsuki is a good name, you may not need to bother coming up with another one.

      • Well, Mitsuki is my favorite name in the whole wide world! I think we may have decided to keep the names though 😡
        Come chat with us at baka wolf! >:D

  2. I still hate how I look

    • oh and YRYR 8 is nearly 100% done, now that I’m back I have been working on it

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