Posted by: Onion | October 2, 2011

Another Big Update

Lots of things to say. Let’s see…

First of all, our dear friend and favorite editor, Leafy Vegetable, has retired from fansubbing. Everyone from Tondemonai subs wishes him well in all of his other endeavors. If Leafy Vegetable hadn’t come along, I think it’s safe to assume that we’d still be struggling to release Yutori-chan.

If you’re worried about our fansubbing future, don’t be. The second matter I want to address is that of my last update post. I know I told you to go and grab the releases from another group and all, but I’ve been super motivated lately. I plan to have all of Yuru yuri finished within the next 8 days. My good buddy Atvrcr is going to take the reins from Leafy Vegetable and become our new full time editor(I think, lol).

Finally, I’m making us a mascot. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think it could help us gain some notability and well, if it doesn’t, we’re still gonna have a freaking cool mascot. Look forward to it.


  1. Farewell Leafy.

    Also, Tonde mascot? I’m guessing it’ll be a cute loli, right?

    And uh… sorry I missed you when you got onto IRC. I’ve been idling there the past few months. You should go there more often~

    • Haha. I despise IRC, but I did go there the other day because I read an old comment you posted saying that you idle there often xD Unfortunately you were afk T__T

      Yes. A tonde mascot. If I do everything right, she should look about the age of a middle schooler. xD Maybe. I’m not that good at drawing. Haha.

  2. Looking forward to the mascot!

  3. Anyamaru. ; ;

    • Really? Seriously? Ok. Ill look into its current status cause im pretty sure some other group handled this show.

    • wow that’s a name I didn’t think I’d hear again xD

    • I took a look into this. I think I have something else I need to watch now. It looks adorable, and I haven’t heard of it until now.

      Also, that OP, so catchy~ Wait a minute… poo means crab in Thai? What are they trying to imply about crabs?

      • Haha. We did the first 7 episodes i think, but man we were horrible back then. Youre better off sticking with LSS Wasurenai’s subs.

  4. well, if your looking for a mascot, why don’t you generate a turtle-loli?

    • Turtle… Why? XD But that is interesting. Unfortunately, that’s your idea now! Make it your own mascot 😀
      We’ve got a mascot planned. I just need to make a few more pictures of her and color them.


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