Posted by: Onion | September 29, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 07

What? You think we’re the fastest sub-group you’ve ever encountered?! Wow! Thanks! But on a more serious note, this episode was difficult! Leafy Vegetable, our editor, urged me to change the line Chinatsu says “Cry over spilt milk” or something like that because every other sub group has “madly deprived.” What the heck is madly deprived supposed to mean? Are we talking a sexual sense? Blah. Anyway, I’m sticking with my spilt milk idea because it’s original and more lady-like for Chinatsu.
Umm, so yes, like always, if you want a pretty and relatively flawless batch when we’re done, feel free to point out any flaws in the comments.

MKV: Torrent | DDL



  1. Yay! Thanks! 🙂

    • Hold your breath. I’m gonna push myself and have yuru yuri 8 fully translated within the next 2 days. 😀

      • Haha awesome! I’ll be waiting! :3

        P.S fixed my wordpess public nickname, I just started using this thing and its already confusing. o-o

  2. OHHHHHH YES!!!!!!!!

    More yuru yuri .

    5 Caps to end this series.

    Thanks for you work.

  3. It was absolutely perfect how those Christmas pairs came out. Thanks for your release, I still haven’t watched ahead because I’m sticking with Tonde all the way.

    Anyway, I was able to find a few flaws here and there, but again, nothing major. I find little things in almost every episode of everything I watch if I pay enough attention (I’m looking at you, Doki and Chihiro).

    Instance of “-san” where it’s not actually used.

    Timing on this line is a bit late.

    I think I noticed this in a previous episode as well, delicious -> great. I guess it works, just something to reconsider for a maximized-quality batch release.

    Didn’t she say that Himawari’s breasts made this the worst Christmas? I heard “saiaku” in there. It just so happens that I watched UTW’s Amagami SS episode 13 right before this, and the title was “Saiaku” in katakana, translated as “Worst”.

    So, nothing major. Well done, Tondemonai.

    Overall for this episode: A-, good job.

    Also, I know you’re getting ridiculously small file sizes with whatever it is you’re doing, but are you looking into 10-bit for any shows you’ll be doing next? It looks like everyone’s started encoding in 10-bit for Fall 2011, now that most proper media players support it.

    • I shall comment in order. Let’s see.

      1 and 2 – Fixed! Nice catch.

      3. I use delicious and great interchangeably, but I’ll change it to delicious this time.

      4. yep, saiaku means worst. I guess I just equated saiaku to ruined. Kinda the same thing, but “ruined” is sort of just saying this christmas is bad, whereas saying “worst” would imply it is her least favorable christmas experience of her life. So, yes, I shall try and change the sentence around to make it worst.

      FINALLY, I have a question… Take a look at this:

      Did you see the tl notes when you watched the episode? Because they should definitely be there, but I dont see it in the pic you posted in your comment. There are tlc notes at 9:07 and 9:25. Let me know if you see them please O__O

      Finally finally: I just finished translating yuru yuri 8 not 10 minutes ago, so after that goes through the normal steps, we shall release!

      • Yup, I saw the TL notes. I think it might have to do with the point where I paused it. But they were definitely there, and I noticed them.

        Also, I look forward to the next release~

  4. Thanks for the awesomness you guys

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