Posted by: Onion | August 22, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 06

Sorry for the big gap between this release and the last… Truth is, I was being lazy. Anyway, this is a great episode. The clay scene is especially funny. My favorite part is when Kyouko smacks the clay container to get the clay out. That sound effect is completely over the top. Also, this episode went through rigorous QCing; there should be a very minimal amount of mistakes, if any.


MKV: Torrent | DDL



  1. thank you!!

  2. Downloading now, going to watch when I get home~ Really looking forward to it, as usual.

    Also, TV-size preview of the OP remix:

    • Good job, I enjoyed it

      • Me too 😀

  3. All those instances where Chinatsu says “senpai”, you included names where they weren’t used. This might be helpful in some cases, but each time, it was pretty clear who Chinatsu was referring to. However, this is nothing major, though you might want to reconsider when batch time comes around.

    Also, when that first year asks Kyouko for art advice, she says “sumimasen” before doing so, wouldn’t it be something more along the lines of, “Excuse me, may I ask you something?” Again, nothing major.

    Overall, A-.

  4. Well, I’ve been sticking names in front of senpai since episode 1 because it makes it easier to deal with plurals. But I was thinking the same thing yesterday, to just change Yui-senpai to Senpai and leave it like that. I suppose I will; I mean, if you’re watching anime, you should be able to understand these things anyway.

    And for the sumimasen, I originally left it out because before she says that she says “Umm” and I thought it would sound weird. So, I’ll have to think about this one. Maybe I’ll just combine it all and replace the “umm” with excuse me”

    Thanks for your help!!~

  5. You’re welcome. Thank you for your releases~ Quality subs, ridiculously small files, and surprisingly good video quality for the size. If you’re doing any shows next season, I’d be happy to watch your releases again.

    By the way, what font are you using? I absolutely love it. I’ve seen it in a few shows subbed by Ayako last season, and I’d like to add it to my font library, since it needs some new stuff (text for graphic design looks so dull with most of what comes with Windows 7).

    Also, have you compared your ED karaoke to the CD single’s lyrics booklet yet?

  6. Yes, I compared both the opening and ending lyrics to the booklets 😀

    The font! Ever since I watched Ayako’s Yumekui Merry releases, I decided that this was the font I’ll use forever more. I fell in love with it too. It’s called Impress BT.

  7. Hi.

    I have a question.

    On the chapter 03 there are line, that don’t understand.

    what is the meaning?

    This is the line. “C-Chilled noodles?”

    • I brought this up in the blog post for the episode. If I recall, I suggested Onion should include a translation note there when it comes time for a batch release, since there simply isn’t enough reason to do a v2 of episode 3. Whoever said it (Kyouko, wasn’t it?) probably misheard what the other person said, resulting in “chilled noodles”. I guess it’s a pun of sorts. I don’t remember the episode all too well, and I’m very inexperienced in Japanese, so I’ll wait for Onion if you want further clarification.

      • Or you know that is she say on romanji.

        Thanks for you answer.

      • The thing with the chilled noodles… Yui says shes living on her own. That sounds a lot like chilled noodles, and since kyouko is in disbelief about yui living on her own, she makes the assumption that yui is doing something with chilled noodles instead.

    • I don’t remember what she said, and I probably couldn’t get the romaji unless I beat myself over the head with the scene for hours until I get it.. I’ll leave this up to Onion if he sees your post.

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