Posted by: Onion | August 10, 2011

Yuru yuri – 04

Alright! Episode 4 of Yuru Yuri released! This was a good one, but not as good as episode 5(which will hopefully be released within 2-3 days). Episode 6 is also coming up, as the translation is 50% done.

As always, if anything is amiss with the file or the translations or something, give us a shout in the comments, and we’ll make sure to take action. Enjoy!

MKV: Torrent | DDL

I’ve also got a quick question for our fans out there. Is there anyone who wants an avi release of Yuru Yuri and doesn’t really mind that I’ll be the one encoding? I can definitely do it, at reasonable file size(around 170mb) but I can’t guarantee the best quality. So, let me know what you’re thinking. Thanks.


  1. Many thnks bro…

    I would like to ask if you finish (and when) last two episode of Lotte-chan?

    • Well, our Lotte encoder, Genichiro, has been busy as of late. Unfortunately, I don’t have all of the scripts and everything I would need to do a quality release for Lotte, so it’s really just a matter of waiting for him to get some free time.

  2. As long as there’s no more drama thrown in my direction this weekend, I should be able to take care of finishing Lotte.

  3. Epic episode ending!! Thanks for the release guys, you’re the best for this show!! 😀

    • Why, thank you >¦^3

  4. Dammit, I didn’t think I’d arrive at school early enough to watch an episode of an anime, so I didn’t bring my earphones. But I really want to watch it now… ;_;

    Guess I’ll have to download this to my external and watch when I get home.

  5. Tonde!!!

  6. About the AVI thing, I don’t think you should do it. Most people watch it in MKV anyway, so don’t waste time doing it.

    Anyway, thanks for the releases as always!

    • Well actually, our Astarotte no Omocha releases of avi were pretty amazingly high. Almost 1/3 of our total downloads, I’d say.

  7. Awesome, you did a lot of typesetting in this episode. Thanks!

  8. Good work. However, I noticed a few things:

    “Toshinou-Kyouko!” – hyphen? No big deal, I guess. This was when the top scorers for the test were posted on the bulletin board.

    “Kore wa sugoi na” -> “This is horrible”? Wouldn’t a different word fit in better? Maybe “unbelievable” or “surprising”? I know “amazing” would be the literal translation, but I think “horrible” is a bit too far off.

    Kyouko made a couple references to warts. Was that a pun?

    “I need to be more honest with myself” – I heard “mou sukoshi”, shouldn’t it be something more like “I need to be a little more honest with myself”?

    None of this is major, so you’ve done really well with this release. Overall, A-. Now to watch episode 5.

    • “Toshinou-Kyouko” Aarrgh! I guess I added that in out of habbit, always expecting a -san or -chan. My bad. Nice catch! 😀

      “Kore wa sugio na” Yeah, I think unbelievable would be a better choice. I went with horrible because, well, her grades were horrible. But now that you point it out, it does seem a bit weird. So I’ll go with unbelievable. Actually, unbelievable sounds weird too… Hmm, I’ll have to think about it.

      The warts!! I have no idea. Just seemed like random randomness to me. It started in her dreams and she developed it into a running joke. But seriously, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be besides random.

      “I need to be a little more honest with myself” – Yep. I’ll change it! 😀

      Thanks, as always, you’re really good at this! :O

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