Posted by: Onion | July 31, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 03

That remote/camera screen thing is awesome.

Here’s Yuru Yuri – 03! The encode on this episode is an even higher caliber than what was done for episode 2. At least I think so…

Anyway, I forgot to put up the DDL for episode 2, so right after this post is up, ep 2 and 3 will be uploading to megaupload.

As always, if you spot anything wrong with the episode, feel free to let me know so I can prepare a v2. Thanks~!


MKV: Torrent | DDL


If there’s anybody out there who would like to do some quality karaoke effects for the op and ed, let us know xD


  1. I shall give a few of your episodes a try, and sing praises of your work if I like what I see. Keeping this simple here today. Also, it’s “compel”, a spelling error near the top of the page. I hope it’s not a sneak peek of the spelling to come in the eps.

    • Lol we spelt compel wrong! No wonder everyone that comes here questions us. Because we have had a fail at the top of the page for years… Ill fix it when i have a chance xD.

      Don’t worry. Spelling in the episodes is most definitely alright.

    • Oh but you should wait for the version 2 of episode 1 which will be released in about 20 minutes.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Alright! The video quality is great; I’m surprised the file is so small. If you redo the karaoke, though, can you use darker borders for the font? Also, just nitpicking here: in the opening, I think “hongyou gakugyou” is a standard form entry, like “Gender: female” or “Name: Yui,” so “Occupation: Student” fits better than “Doing schoolwork is my job.” And although I don’t actually know what “hoi ja kakuseyo otome de dou jaro” means (Google Translate was no help), your translation doesn’t sound right in context. Apart from those minor issues, your releases are still the best for this show.

    • Thanks! Ill fix the karaoke for future episodes. I don’t think its enough to warrant new versions, but it will be looked at 😀

      Also, about the karaoke being too light: That’s because I was matching the outline color to the girls’ hair color. But I can understand why you would like to see a darker color. Perhaps I’ll keep the base color and make them darker so they are more readable.

  4. I saw you’re using Zero-Raws, so I looked them up on Nyaa. Their 720p raws range from 200MB to 500MB. What the heck? That’s the same as most fansubbers’ final releases! Isn’t encoding supposed to result in smaller files, with slight quality loss from the raw, like with encoding MP3 from FLAC/WAV? Thanks for learning how to encode properly.

    • Is it really that impressive? 😀 You should know, I’m merely using xvid4psp with custom settings. I actually have no clue as to how it turns out so small xD

  5. Again with the miraculously tiny filesize, eh Onion? You’re on fire~

    The part Kyouko misinterpreted “living alone” as “chilled noodles”, I think only people who know Japanese would get that pun, especially if kanji are involved. If you ever do blu-rays of this, how about including a TL note on that?

    “You’re supposed to serve me a warm and delicious lunch”
    I heard “shiawase” in that line, but I only know it to mean “happiness”, is it used in other ways?

    Also, rice omelet? I normally see it translated as “omelet rice”, but I don’t think that matters, since technically, it’s an omelet with rice in it.

    “It’s not that great” -Yui on her recipe
    I heard “kanpeki” in there, which should change the line to “It’s not perfect”, right?

    Anyway, good job. I think this release can go without a v2. Overall, A-. I wish I knew more Japanese, because it still feels like I might be missing things.

    • 1. You’re probably right about the pun. I suppose I’ll try and fit a note in there somehow.

      2. Well, Kyouko says shiwawase and pokapoka. If I translated it literally, it would become “You’re supposed to serve me a happy and warm lunch” edited to better english, that could become something like “You’re supposed to serve me a warm, loving meal.” Something like that I guess. I don’t know, I’ll probably just stick with delicious.

      3. Well, they do say Omuraisu, which is omelet rice, but that sounds weird. Besides, the rice is on the inside of the omelet. Therefore, rice omelet. Just like a cheese omelet has cheese inside. Now, if it was a giant blog of rice with eggs inside, then it could be omelet rice xD

      4. Yeah, I think it should be changed to “It’s not perfect.” I think I had that originally, but I changed it for some reason… lol

      5. I also found a spelling mistake while I was going through the script to reply to your post.

      Still, I don’t think these things warrant any need for an immediate v2, but they will most definitely be fixed for any sort of batch in the future 😀

      Thanks so much for your awesome comment!! >:D

      • No problem, keep up the good work! And come on the IRC once in a while, I get lonely. :<

  6. Hi there,

    I would like to point out there’s an error at 14:57 in this episode, since “parents” was incorrectly typed out as “patents”.

    Anyways, thanks for the subs.

  7. Yes, that would be the spelling mistake that I mentioned in my previous comment xD

    Thanks for helping us improve our scripts 😀

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