Posted by: Onion | July 29, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 02v2

Some flaws were pointed out with the last release, so I fixed them up and encoded this v2. Most noticeably, I failed to attach the .ttf to the mkv on the v1. The fonts in the video should look like the screen shot up above.

The v2 has the ttf attached, some major tweaks to the op and ending lyrics, and a few small changes in the main script.

The Version 2 at Nyaa

MKV: Torrent | DDL


  1. Lol.

  2. Okay, bump that B+ up to an A with this release. I can tell that the karaoke is much better now (Besides, what’s the best OP of the season without karaoke? That’s the reason I chose you guys in the first place.) Well done

    • Thanks πŸ˜€

      That comment makes me happy.

      • Keep at it, and do your best~ Some of my friends wondered why I was following you guys instead of some other better-known group. Leaving obscure groups in obscurity is no way to keep the scene going, especially when a group shows potential. One of these days, Tondemonai might be one of the go-to groups of loli shows. A good thought for the future, no~? Show potential and quality early on, and you’ll rise up there. You’re doing a good job so far.

        And as far as I know, nobody’s doing Yuru Yuri that also does karaoke, making your releases a hot commodity, considering the OP and the ED are worthy of karaoke, or are good to the point that karaoke is pretty much a demand from fans.

      • Thanks πŸ˜€

        Yes, we’re trying, and we like to say we’re doing our best. Your support keeps us doing what we do πŸ˜€

        About the karaoke – I really should find someone who can do effects for it xD It looks unhappy without it. lol

  3. I’ve actually wanted to learn how to do subs and karaoke effects too, since there’s a project I want to do later on (Japanese version of a song I wrote and recorded + PV using 3ds Max), or maybe to spice up the anime song remixes I’ll be posting on YouTube in the future (My Sora no Woto ED remix is up there, but the lack of lyrics partially defeats the purpose of having it there as a video). However, I don’t know how long it’ll be until I actually take the time to learn how to do that stuff. But it looks fun.

    • Making subtitles is probably the simplest thing you can do. Just go and grab Aegisub, install it, open your video/audio and then start subbing. πŸ˜€

      • I was hoping I could get some decent effects and k-timing. That isn’t as easy of course, right?

      • Timing syllables in aegisub is incredibly easy. Although it does take patience when youve got a lyric intensive song. Creating effects is more tricky, but there are aegisub tutorials around that can get you started with a simple grow/fade effect if you follow the steps.

      • I might look into it sometime. Also, I’ve been idling on your IRC the past two days. It’s there on my long list of Rizon autojoin channels now.

  4. Coalgirls is also doing a pretty good job on Yuru Yuri; they have typesetting and karaoke, and they’re using Crunchyroll/Horriblesubs’ subs. However, they also have ordered chapters and 10-bit encoding, which seriously limits which devices/programs can play it.

    • Is ordered chapters where the ending and opening of an anime are chopped out and then called upon when needed? I hate that >.<

  5. Ordered chapters just means you can skip parts. Like you would create OP, Part A, Part B, ED, Preview

    • Like dvds and such

    • Oh. I did this. I tested it and it should work.

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