Posted by: Onion | July 25, 2011

Request: We Could Use an Extra Encoder

Hey, everyone. As you may have noticed, we haven’t (officially) released anything for over five weeks. Bluewolf963/Genichiro, our encoder, due to certain circumtances, hasn’t been able to find time to encode lately. So, we’re in need of an encoder.

Some basic requirements:

-You must be able to Hardsub(embed, burn, etc) the typesetting and karaoke.

-You must be able to softsub(duh).

-You should be able to do chapters.

-Need to be able to handle vfr.

Anyone out there willing to help, make yourself known! We’re a cheerful bunch! We’ve got great releases lined up and yet we’re stuck at the encoding department! Help us help you. xD

Genichiro: updated the requirements; sometimes we’ll only have vfr raws on hand to use, so be able to handle them


  1. Where is my Yuru Yuri, Tondemonai?! YOU Promised!

    • Oh, you~

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