Posted by: Onion | July 5, 2011

Yuru Yuri – 01

Yep, we’ve decided to go with Yuru Yuri. It’s been a tough day. I grabbed the first raw I could find and I started translating like crazy. After I finished, I passed it to our editor, Leafy Vegetable, who then edited. After some work translating all of the kanji and stuff with help from friends on irc, Leafy Vegetable took care of the encoding of this single mkv file. I think it would be best to treat this as a version 1 with a version 2 in the works. Why? Well, although the translation quality did not suffer, the encode may have been a little rushed because our encoder, Bluewolf963 was unavailable at the time. And really, without him, everything falls into chaos. Therefore, we will most likely be doing a normal v2 release with nicer graphics (instead of those horrible tlc notes, we’ll actually edit in nice text like we’ve been doing) and some other updates, I’m sure. So, for now, I hope everyone enjoys what we can provide, a 720p english subtitled episode 01 of Yuru Yuri.

Yuru Yuri 01

DDL – Megaupload

Yuru Yuri – 01v2 Downloads

MKV: Torrent | DDL


  1. v2 with Song Translation?

    • If i can figure out those obscure lyrics.

  2. you forgot to mention, 1st group to finish yuruyuri.

  3. Yay, I was depressed bc it got licensed. I’m happy you still go with it. Thank you. Can’t wait for HD.

  4. Oh, I downloaded the SD version from nyaa, and came here to comment. I didnt know it was actually a HD file here. Awesome, thanks again.

  5. Thx for the release of Yuru Yuri….This is the first time i heard of your fansub group….So are you guys a new group??

    Well i don’t really mind since now all those well known group are starting to fall apart so….

    Anyway all the best and thx again for subbing this series

    • Weve been around for a while, but we only started getting a bit more serious before last season started.

  6. This show sure turned out to be extremely disappointing, eh.
    Takes talent to make something so bland even with all the elements I should enjoy.
    Well, thanks for the subs anyway, good work.

  7. Thank you for doing this show and for the AVI version.

    • You’re welcome.

  8. is it just me or does the main seiyuu cast sound kind of…weak? Akari had the best performance – ironically she is the character that eventually fades into the background. I mean, just compare all the things Kyoko said and the one line Sakurako had – you can clearly tell the difference between Ootsubo Yuka and Katou Emiri. Well I guess you can’t blame the rookie cast…although I remember K-On! doing a better job with comparatively new seiyuus.

    • Actually i really like the seiyuu work. I especially like Kyouko’s voice because of that slight lull slur.

  9. Waiting for Ver.2. Please sub the OP and ED. BTW: ochokochoi = CLOWN

    • Thanks 😀

  10. Huh, stuff got done, even when I wasn’t around. :3

    • lulwut?!!!
      Yeah it took a mad all nighter by onion and I but we got it done…

  11. really fast, waiting for v2

  12. will you release a patch for v2?

  13. Put the CRC and codec info in the filenames like all groups do, please.

  14. V2 for chapter jump + OP/ED karaoke please.?

    thanks for the wonderfulsubs.

    i’m looking out for your next release…
    thanks again…

  15. Should have a v2 ready this weekend. It’s unfortunate I only have one night to really take care of things, but yeah… gotta make money. XD

  16. Playback unsupported under SMPlayer for some reason. It won’t tell me anything, but it normally handles h264 MKVs without a single hitch. I’ll wait for the v2 since I can watch it with CCCP when I get home. But still, there’s no reason it shouldn’t play on SMPlayer. Also, subs are pretty good, albeit not exactly top notch. Thanks for the release and congratulations on beating HorribleSubs to the punch. Would’ve watched theirs if it weren’t for the fact you guys were doing karaoke.

    • Ill definitely try my best on the op and ed translations. Dont expect magic.

  17. Just. Please. Don’t, Kill. Me.

    • Also the look on her face. Priceless.

  18. Thank you

    Will you add karoke ?

    • That’s the plan. :3

  19. Thanks for this. I liked your work on Yutori-chan too. I seem to be the only person who couldn’t care less about karaoke…

    • Yeah i didnt really know it was such a hot requirement. But we always have done karaoke, so we wont stop now.

      Also, glad you enjoyed Yutori.

  20. fanboy check-in

    • Glad you check up on us like this 😀

    • Glad you check up on us like this 😀

  21. wow, suddenly loads of people are commenting!
    you’re still awesome anyway, keep up the good work ^^

  22. so, when is the v2 patch?

    • All of our releases are pretty much always done on weekends.

    • Yeah, work has been killing me lately. They really want to milk me for what I’m worth before my vacation at the end of the month.

  23. Any update on a v2? Or Episode 2?

    • It’s coming. I had to work over 48 hours this past week, so I’ve been rather exhausted. I ended up passing out last night, which is when I usually do my sub work. I’m doing my best though.

      • OK just wanted to know. Also do you guys chapter?

      • I do put in chapters for the releases I encode in the mkv and mp4 formats (avi is incompatible).

    • Also, you can always check our Current Status page for, well… current statuses on our stuff. >>>

  24. Oh nice, another project.


  25. Back from vacation and no release… Must not watch HorribleSubs… I’ll wait as long as it takes. I want my cute girls doing cute things.

    Also, if you guys are having trouble with the karaoke still, Nipponsei released the full version of the song, and the CD inserts with lyrics are included. Might want to take a look at that. Also, it’d be good for an accuracy check.

    • We’ve had the translations and karaoke done for weeks. Our encoder is having trouble finding time to well, encode. Im about to make a recruitment post for another encoder to help us when we need it.

    Did you see this? Keep this stuff in mind, you may want to typeset those signs.

    • Look in the comments and you’ll see that i posted under the name of Onion. I saw that weeks ago and have changed an amazing amount of things for the better. We’ve got typesetting, colored fonts with good secondary colors, karaoke, and everything has been edited 10 times over. I just need someone to encode so that all of these things can be released and presented in the best way possible.

      • Good, I’m glad. Now I’m really looking forward to your releases… but no encoder has stepped up yet ;_;

  27. I can’t do anything this weekend; going to Otakon. Can’t bring my encoding platform with me, and I’ll be too drunk to do anything, anyway. XD

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