Posted by: Genichiro | March 5, 2011

Yutori-Chan – 09

Okay, good news, we got the DVD raws now, so I can do higher quality encodes. Yay for cleaner video (we’re not talking blu-ray here, but anything is better than a webrip. Better still, we have a new staff member, SilverLeaf321, to help with fixing our scripts, so they read nicer (since I keep missing dumb stuff while pulling all-nighters on these). I will be doing the previous episodes with the new raws, but new stuff takes precedence. I’m obvious not doing future episodes with the webrips (that would be pointless). Anyway, enough of my dribble, enjoy your Yutori.

Anirena (down for maintenance)

Anirena (down for maintenance)

Direct Download


Full list of Yutori releases


  1. *for mkv version
    wrong aspect ration, you’ve put it on 3:2

    • I didn’t; the DVD raws are 704×480, I didn’t change the size in anyway. They probably made them that way to better suit standard resolution televisions as opposed to widescreen.

      • Please look up “anamorphic widescreen.” The display aspect ratio, which you can set when muxing the MKV, should be 16:9.

      • Okay, I looked over everything again; it would seem they raw encoder forced the aspect ratio, which didn’t carry over into my encodes. Guess that explains the nagging feeling I had about something being a little off. I’ll fix it up and do v2s for this weekend. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, guys. (QCing at nine in the morning after being up all night doesn’t work too well at all, does it?) XD

  2. Yay. ^^

  3. Hooray for a new release!! :3

  4. ok I’m going to re-check 1-8 and please use corrected version in the new ver.

  5. I endorse this translation.

  6. And I’ll endorse it even more once I log in, erase that last comment, and post a new one.

  7. i would like to apply for a job with tondemonai. any position but tl is fine. also onio…. you need to post this on the blog.

    • Hm, well, the only thing we need right now is another translator. I could always use more help with distro if you want to host a bot or establish a tracker. :3

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