Posted by: Genichiro | February 26, 2011

Yutori-Chan – 08

That’s right kids, Tonde’s fansub division is back at last. I blame the work stress… and the lack of translated scripts. Definitely a combination of both, but what can I do? Don’t answer that. Anyway, big thanks to Mimi for this one. Wouldn’t have been able to pull this one off without her help. Now, without further ado, here’s the links you want:

Anirena (down for maintenance)

Anirena (down for maintenance)

Direct Download:


Full list of Yutori releases


  1. Yay! New release! Thanks, guys! And thank you Mimi! Maybe talk in the forum sometime? :3

    • Thanks for the appreciation, Cirno-chan! :3

  2. Many thnks! I am looking forward to next episode 🙂

    • Hope to have it for you next week, if things work out! 😀

  3. yay thanks tonde!!

    • Test Test, just seeing if this damn thing will work now

      • Uh, it works? XD

  4. YES!!!! Many thanks!

    • You’re welcome! :3

  5. Sweet, now just 41 more eps. of Kirumin to go. lol

    • Yeah, hopefully we’ll have that one coming up soon, too. :3

  6. Hi, Fuko here. I would like to thank you for continuing translating this anime, and if you need a timer, I can help you with the remaining eps. Also, Yutori-chan came out on dvd, so I can help with the re-edition too. I’m on rizon, if anyone’s interested in my help, then pm me.

    • Didn’t know they released it on DVD. As far as I know, we’re good on timers for the moment, but thanks for the offer. Hopefully we’ll be able to continue. :3

  7. Thanks for your great job, guys! Hope I’ll see remaining episodes soon, I think this show is worth translating and so on. Thanks!

    • You might get your wish sooner than expected. :3

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