Posted by: Onion | November 17, 2010

Follow Us On Twitter

Yes, it is true.  I made us a twitter account! Hopefully, using this, we can give out little bits of info on our progress. I know this is going to backfire on me somehow, but for now, it sounds like a fine idea. So, be grateful! You can find our twitter updates on the right side of the blog under “Recent Activity.” I’ll try and update every single thing I do that pertains to my translating. And it won’t just be me updating. Bluewolf963 is going to contribute as well. Maybe. That is all!


  1. Grats on becoming a corporate tool. lol

    On another note; Seeds keep dissapearing on all the kirumin, ; ;

    • I can’t help the seed issue too much; since I don’t have a dedicated server to run the tracker off of. Maybe one of these days, when I have the funds, I might be able to afford a server for it. XD

  2. Yutori-chan 😥

    • Work in progress; I’ve been ill over the past week, so I haven’t been able to get much done on my end, while ST is heading out for a trip to Japan. Rough timing all around, but hopefully we’ll be able to pick up again by the end of the year. XD

      • No worries, take the time… just sad face because miss Yutori-chan since she is so cute. :p

  3. rawr, how is my favorite group? Hi bluewolf, I’m off to spam you elsewhere 😀

    Yes I am very bored.

  4. Hi, I would like to ask, how it is going and when you release new episodes of Kirumin and Yutori-chan? Thnks.

    • Should have something coming out soon with the holiday boom ending at my place of work, allowing me a little more free time. I’m hoping one of our translators will be able to start working through Yutori, so we can get that done, too. XD

      • Many thanks. I am looking forward to.

      • *waits* XD

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