Posted by: Genichiro | September 14, 2010

Yutori-Chan – 04

Onion is on a serious roll, and so am I. Going for a new release record (that we’ll likely never top, but less than a day is good, right?).


avi anirena torrent download DDL: MU DF

Full list of Yutori Releases



    k thx

  2. Thanks very much for picking this up – I’d given up hope of anyone finishing it when it was abandoned halfway.

  3. Ganbattew~~~

  4. Thank you so much for picking Yutori-chan up, and PLEASE don’t drop it like another group did.

    • Onion’s working on the TL. He told me we should have some more releases by the end of the weekend. :3

  5. wow i go away for a mounth and all this stuff spawns, and i though you guys were lazier than that, keep up the good work ^^

    • If you think this is bad, wait a few days. 😉

    • We’re not lazy XD (Well, not Bluewolf963 at least, not too sure about myself.)

  6. Thank you for your hard work~
    Waiting warmly for more episodes.

    • It’s a work in progress. Having to work over fifty hours over the past couple of weeks isn’t helping. XD

  7. hmm, thanks for last episodes.
    we are waiting for more. ❤

    • Bluewolf963 is preparing a release as we speak. He expects to be finished anytime now. Barring unforeseen circumstances, of course.

      Thanks for the comment! 😀

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