Posted by: Genichiro | September 11, 2010

Yutori-Chan – 01-02

Onion and I finally got rolling on this one. Since he went through two episodes at once, and they are relatively short, I decided to release these all together. 🙂 Note that there will only be mkv and avi for this one. It’s a web rip, so there’s no point in upscaling to 720p; I already upscaled to get to 480p, therefore there won’t be an mp4 version, since it would end up being identical to the avi. (Except for the karaoke release, which is only in mp4.) Enjoy the release! :3

ED Karaoke:


Episode 1:


avi anirena torrent download DDL: MU DF

Episode 2:


avi anirena torrent download DDL: MU DF

Full list of Yutori Releases


  1. Thank you guys so much. I thought I would have to drop this 🙂

  2. Great. !
    I wait all the long time that anyone find this nice Show to sub finaly.


  3. Thanks for picking this up, was waiting for someone to finish this =)

  4. Hopefully Onion will be able to do the translations for this series without too many issues; the primary cause of all our delays is issues with translation.

  5. Thank you for picking this up, since the other group dropped it 😉

  6. Thanks for picking this up. Could you possibly make the font bold or larger or something? It’s kind of hard to read. Otherwise, great job.

    • Are you watching it full screen or at the encoded resolution? We can do bold, though, no problem. I watch everything full screen, so I guess I wouldn’t notice that kind of thing. :3

      • Yes, I am watching it full screen. It’s a too thin of a font for subs imo.

  7. Bold will do, then. :3

  8. I visited your site because you made me happy by saying you’ll finish this 😀

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