Posted by: Genichiro | January 28, 2010

Direct Downloads

I’ve picked out two file hosting services for DDL, in lieu of the removal of the Baka DDL service. DDL will be available for all previous and future releases. However, I will say this: fansub links are often targeted for removal by little weasels who have nothing better to do with their lives in their mother’s basement. If our links get taken down, I’m not going to put them back up. I’m not about to drive myself crazy re-uploading when said weasel will only hit again, so if the links go down don’t complain to me, find the weasel, and send a yandere after said weasel. Direct downloads for the previous releases will be placed on the project page; future release posts will have the DDL links with them.

One final note: I won’t make the DDL available until twenty-four hours after I release the torrents. It takes time to upload the files. Also, though I can’t enforce this, I would prefer that those who use DDL and are capable of running torrents to seed on both trackers.

A release with just the karaoke is on the way; should be available within a couple days.


  1. haha I’m sure you know more yandere than I

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