Posted by: Genichiro | January 19, 2010

Anyamaru Tantei Kiruminzuu – 02

A new release at last, amazing, huh?

avi anirena torrent download

*A note about Baka-DDL: Since BW is dropping the DDL server, there will no longer be Baka-DDL links with our releases; the links posted will be removed once their DDL service goes down.

Full List of Kirumin Releases


  1. wow so you do 3 different formats, pretty good dedication thar

    • It’s better than having someone take our release, do a crappy re-encode, then seed it with our group name in the torrent and bring forth several complaints about the quality of the XVID release we never made. It’s more or less about making sure there is a format for everyone. :3

  2. hmm that does seem to be a wise choice.

  3. Yeah, blue’s a mastermind. :3

  4. so since BW is taking down ddls, have you thought about using a place like MU?

  5. ^ That’d be nice, especially considering how nobody seems to care about this show. It’s sad.

    • I’ll try uploading to a couple different places, and see which works the best. The only pain with some places is that we’ll have to divide files into parts. XP On a positive note, we found a Thai translator for the OP/ED, so we’ll have karaoke in our future releases, as well as a separate release of just the OP/ED. Hopefully I’ll have that done within the next 24 hours. :3

  6. hmm I say just find whichever place that wont force you to split and go with it. It sucked dl’ing at 30 kb/s through the torrent x_X

    • Indeed it did, didn’t it?

  7. Oh well it’s not like it’s your fault. Just everybody leeched. That’s why I think MU or something would be good for shows that aren’t extremely popular. But regardless I appreciate what you guys are doing.

    • Thanks ;D Look forward to episode 3!

  8. Thanks

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